Easy French Press Recipe

If you’re looking for cheap and easy, it’s hard to beat a French press for making coffee at home.

However, even though the mechanics of using a French press are simple enough — fill with coffee + water, plunge and pour— there are several variables: How much coffee? How much water? How long do you let it brew before pressing and pouring?

That’s where recipes come in handy. I use recipes as a guide, sticking closely to them the first couple times I use them, then adjusting more and more of the variables to my taste as I go along.

There’s no shortage of recipes out there, but I recently tried this one from Ashley Tomlinson, a Toronto-based photographer and coffee enthusiast who runs the site The Little Black Coffee Cup. I like it for its simplicity.

(She adapted it from a brew guide by Intelligentsia, and I tailored the version below to suit my single-serve Bodum French press. This coffee/water combo is about the maximum amount you can fit in this French press.)

Easy French Press Recipe
(inspired by The Little Black Coffee Cup)

320g water (almost 1 1/2 cups)
20g medium ground coffee (about 5 tablespoons)

- Pre-heat French press by rinsing with hot water
- Add coffee grounds
- Pour water just off boil to 100 grams
- Wait 1 minute
- Stir and add remaining water
- Put lid on and wait 4:30 minutes
- Press, pour and enjoy!