Connect Roasters Partner: Mision El Faro

For each coffee we sell, we partner with an organization on the ground in the origin country that uses our profits to feed, teach and heal local people. And we’re proud that Mision El Faro is one of those partners.

El Faro is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the people of Guatemala. That mission includes providing medical and food services to locals in need.

Guatemala’s inequality is extreme even for Latin American standards. Nearly 60 percent of the Guatemala’s 16 million people live below the poverty line — a figure that’s even higher in rural areas, where most of the country’s indigenous Mayan people live. There, three out of every four people live in poverty.

This inequality limits access to essential services. Most Guatemalans near El Faro, for example, have no access to basic health care either because of cost, distance or a simple lack of awareness, so El Faro does its best to provide them through medical clinics, eye surgery teams and dental trips to remove villages. In 2015, El Faro treated about 3,000 patients at medical clinics and performed about 190 eye surgeries. In 2016, the dental teams are on pace to see close to 1,000 patients.

Unfortunately, Guatemalans in the region also suffer from malnutrition, so in times of need, El Faro delivers one week’s worth of food once a month to 22 families. These families are either young couples/single mothers or elderly/widowed, and they often live in communities that are difficult to access due to the terrain. El Faro delivered more than 2,000 pounds of food to these families in 2015.

Half of our profits from the sale of our Guatemalan coffee are given to El Faro to help fund these medical and food services. You can buy that coffee here.

You can learn more about El Faro here.